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The ships database is a compilation of information related to mainly Canadian ships and ships that were regularly used for trading with Canada. The database includes in-depth specifications for each ship, as well as further details related to that ship (if such information is available). Below is a diagram of how all of the information in the database relates.

  1. Ships - the main info type in the database, relates with all other types
  2. Builders - the original builder and any subsequent major repair work
  3. Masters(Captains) - with their dates of service
  4. Owners - together with other available details
  5. Voyages - with dates and geographical areas
  6. Ports Visited during a particular voyage

The relationship between a ship and these entities is not mutually exclusive, meaning that if you search for e.g. a builder, you will also be shown all ships that have been built or repaired by that company or person. All of that information appears in the related dataThe related data page is responsible for showing the 'relationships' of different entities recorded in the database. From the related data page, you have access to the detail pages of the related entities on the left side of the tables page.

The first step of using the database successfully is to search for the information you wish to view – a ship. You will be given a list of all information in the database that corresponds to your search term. From there you can scan the table for the specific entry you require. To select the entry, click on its name on the left side of the table, where you will be referred to its detail page.

NOTE: if you want to view voyages, select the (voyage details) link under the 'Geographic Desc.' column, and if you want to view ports, select the link under the 'City' column.



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