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The database is broken into six distinct types; vessel, master, owner, builder, voyage, and port each of which have their own specific information as well as information that relates them to other types in the database. There are two ways to search for the information you desire in the database:

  1. Basic Search (Default)
      - the default search method for the database, will be the search method used most of the time.
      - searches by type, enter the name of the entity you are searching for (city name for a port and vessel name if a voyage).
      - presents you with a table of entries similar to the one you searched, clicking the link to the left will direct you to the detail page of that entry.
  2. Advanced Search
      - should be used when searching for something based on a parameter other than name (i.e. city, official number, departure date, etc.).
      - can search multiple parameters at once to narrow down search results.
      - can also search all types at once using the 'All' tab at the top.

A note on the searching algorithm. If you are searching for a vessel name, it will search in three places; ships name, shipwreck name, and shipwreck former name. If no results are found with your initial search, the search will get 'wildcards' which expand the search further. If that still doesn't find anything, the search will then take the last word of the search you made (e.g. if you search the 'ss Stephenson' and it doesn't exist with wildcards still, the search will expand to 'Stephenson' and stop there. If the ship you are searching for still does not exist at that point, then the database most likely does not have it yet.



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