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Not to be confused with Shipwrecks (Casualties).
Also often referred to as Vessels.

The main entry type of this database, ships refers to any vessel recorded. Normally, ships are searched by name (please use minimum three letters). Advance search has options for Official Number, dates etc. There may be multiple entries for a single ship, but you can sort (and reverse sort) all the columns (more info on searching).

Since ships are the main entry of the database, a lot of additional information can be found by only searching for a ship. The auxiliary information is referred to as related dataThe related data page is responsible for showing the 'relationships' of different entities recorded in the database. From the related data page, you have access to the detail pages of the related entities on the left side of the tables and can be found upon selecting the desired ship, the additional information can include:

  1. Related Builders - Lists all builders associated with the construction of this ship.
  2. Related Masters - Lists all people who have captained this ship at some point.
  3. Related Owners - Lists all people who have owned this ship at some point, as well as the shares of the transaction.
  4. Related Voyages - Lists all voyages that this ship has embarked on before.
  5. Related Shipwrecks - Lists all shipwrecks that share an Official Number or current/former name with this ship.
  6. Visited Ports - Lists all ports that this ship has visited on a voyage it has embarked on.



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