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Related Data

The related data page is responsible for showing the 'relationships' of different entities recorded in the database. For example a ship can be related to a master, owner, builder, voyage, and port, all of which can be seen by selecting the 'show related data' button in the left hand side menu, or by clicking the link in the information box at the top of the screen. The relationship also works both ways, meaning that if you have a builder/master/etc. you can see the ships that they are related to as well.

From the related data page, you have access to the detail pages of the related entities on the left side of the tables – which is accessed by clicking on the name of the entity – as well as a link to a popup on the right side that has information on specifically the link between two entities. More specifically, if you have for example a builder in the related page, the left link will refer you to all the information about specifically the builder, and the right link will refer you to all of the information relating the builder and the ship specifically. Not all data will have related information, and in that case there will be no button to show related data.



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